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Homepage of Anatoliy Senyshyn


Place of birth

I was born in small town Boryslaw which is located in the western part of Ukraine (Halychyna region) at foothills of Carpathian Mountains. In 1996 after finishing school, I left Boryslav, moved to Lviv for studies and since then I have visited my home city only for a short time even during vacation time. My parents, my younger brother and a lot of my childhood friends are living there.

My family

I am married. My wife Svitlana (in photo) was born and lived also in Boryslav, but (turn of fortune) for the first time we have met only during the entrance exams to Lviv Polytechnic University. Next five and half years we studied together and after being graduated as specialist on electronics in biomedical applications I started my PhD thesis, whereas she decided to get a secondary degree on economics. When her studies were over, 19 December 2003 we have got married.

We have three great kids - Andriy (29th January 2006) and two daughters (Gemini) Anna and Maria. Since 2011 we live in Ismaning and enjoy this small town every moment.


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