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Brief Curriculum Vitae in PDF  format

Curriculum vitae

Anatoliy T. Senyshyn

* Date and place of birth

1st April 1979 (Boryslav, Ukraine).

* Current position

Coordinator of MLZ Group „Structure Research“, Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum, Technische Universität München

* Qualifications

B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD

* Higher Education

Nov 01 – Nov 04 - PhD studies (Solid State Physics, thesis: “Thermal expansion of the perovskite-type rare-earth gallates", supervisors Prof. A.O. Matkovskii, Dr. L. Vasylechko), Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine.

Okt 04 - Awarded Scholarship for Young Scientists of Deutscher Akademisher Austausch Dienst (German Academic Exchange Service), Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany.

May 02 - Awarded Leonhard – Euler Scholarship of Deutscher Akademisher Austausch Dienst (German Academic Exchange Service), Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany.

Sept 00 – Dec 01 - M.Sc., Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine.

Sept 96 - June 00 - B.Sc., Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine.

* Professional membership

Nov 03 - Member of the Ukrainian Physical Society.

* Employment

Jan 12 – present – Coordinator of MLZ Group „Structure Research“ (Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum)

Jan 11 – Dec 11 – scientist at neutron powder diffractometer SPODI at research reactor FRM-II (Garching b. München), Technische Universität München.

Sept 05 –
Dec 10 - postdoctoral research fellow at Structural Department of Darmstadt University of Technology, working as Beamline Scientist at Structural Powder Diffractometer SPODI at research reactor FRM-II (Garching n. Munich) – BMBF funded joint project of Technical University of DarmstadtLudwig-Maximilians University and Technical University of Munich.

July 05 – Aug 05 - Visiting Research Scientist, CRESST laboratory, University of Oxford, Keble Road, Oxford, United Kingdom.

July 04 – July 05 - young research fellow at Darmstadt University of Technology in the framework of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) funded project;

Sept 00 – July 04 - young research fellow at Lviv Polytechnic National University,.

* Publications (listed in section "Publication list")

Researcher ID: C-8267-2014  
164 publications in total (162 articles, 2 book chapters), for details see the publications list. According to Web of Science:
160 papers in peer-reviewed journals, cited 1703 times (1469 times without self citations): 177 times in 2012, 222 times in 2013, 333 times in 2014, 440 times in 2015, the h-index is 21. According to Google Scholar: 2305 citations in total (1936 since 2011), the h-index is 24 and i10 index is 74..

* Peer-review

J. Power Sources, Thermochimica Acta, J. All. Comp., J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, J. Solid State Chem., Solid State Sciences, Chem. Mater., J. Appl. Phys., J. Appl. Cryst, Phys. Rev. B, Phys. Rev. Lett.

Editorial Boards and Commitees

2011 – 2013 - Editorial Board Member of ISRN Journal “Condensed Matter Physics” (Hindawi Publishing Group);
2013 – present - Editorial Board Member of Bulletin of Lviv Polytechnic National University (Series “Electronics”);
  – 2016– member of Referee Board Member (College5b, Magnetism) of Institute Laue – Langevin;
2010  – present – Secretary of Referee Panel “MLZ Structure” of Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum;

Tutor at numerous Laboratory Courses on Neutron Scattering organized by Jülich Centre for Neutron Science;

Tutor at Neutron Scattering Practicum for Physics Students of Technische Universität München;

Phd Student: Mykhaylo Monchak: co-supervisor of Master thesis “Lithium diffusion pathways in LATP-based materials” together with Prof. H. Ehrenberg (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

M.Sc. Mahmoud Rabie: co-supervisor of Master thesis “Martensitic Transformation of Ni-Mn-Based Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys upon Cooling under Magnetic Field” together with Prof. W. Schmahl (Ludwig-Maximilians University) and Prof. W. Petry (Physics Department, Technische Universität München).


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